Monday, August 6, 2012

Split widecreen monitor

So in order to split your display down the middle either horizontally or vertically, first open two applications, let’s say Word and Excel. Now click on one of the tabs in the Windows Taskbar and then press and hold the CNTRL key on your keyboard. While holding down the CNTRL key, click on the other tab in the Taskbar. They should both be selected now (they should have a darker background than the other tabs).
split screen
Now that both applications are selected in the Taskbar, right-click on either one and choose Tile Vertically from the options.
split monitor
And viola! You should now have Word on one side of the screen and Excel on the other side! If you want them in landscape view rather than portrait view, just choose Tile Horizontally.
split display
You can also split your screen three ways or more by simply selecting more applications in the Taskbar! Pretty easy! So that’s what is involved to split your screen if you have one monitor.

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